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20 Sets MC3 Solar Cable Connectors MC3
MC3 Solar Connectors 20 Sets

20 Sets MC3 Solar Cable Connectors MC3

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20 FULL SETS MC3 Solar Wire Connectors MC3 TUV Rated MC3 Solar Panel Wire MC3 Solar
Part Number: MC3 20 Sets-20 Sets MC3 Solar Cable Connectors MC3
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MC3 Solar PV Cable Connectors 20 Sets MC3 Solar Free Ship General Solar MC3 Bulk Solar Cable 1124

20 SETS OF MC3 Solar Power Connectors 

INCLUDES 20 COMPLETE SETS OF TUV rated MC3 solar power panel connectors are high quality and environmentally resistant. Use these MC3 sets to make tight electrical connections.The professional way to connect your Solar Power components together. 

Full Set MC3 Includes

1 Female end 1 Male end                  

1 Female pin  1 Male pin      


MC3 Solar connector product details:

Model Number: MC3 RO-2

Application: solar PV cable connections

Rated current: 30A

Rated voltage: 1000 VDC

Test voltage: 6000V (50Hz, 1min.)

Insulation material: TPE/PA

Contact material: tin plated copper pins

Contact resistance of plug connectors: 0.5mO

Insertion force and withdrawal force: =50N / =50N

Connecting system: crimp connection 

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