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Posted by on 3/8/2016 to News
Discounted Prices on 12awg Solar PV Cable

25 foot Bulk Solar Cable

Made exclusively in the U.S. The correct cable to use for low and very high voltage systems. Professional installers know using the highest quality cable and connectors will provide the very best performance for your system. Don't lose valuable energy by not properly connecting power to where you need it. We sell huge quantities by keeping prices and shipping very affordable. This cable is tailored specifically for photovoltaic modules and solar panels to meet the rapidly growing demand for renewable energy. Designed for high mechanical requirements, extreme weather conditions and permanent installations. Electro beam cross-linked Resistance against UV, water, ozone, fluids, oil, salt and general weathering Flame retardant Low smoke emissions RoHS compliant UL Certified


  • 12awg Single Conductor US Made 7 Strand Copper 600 volts UL listed
  • Approved for industrial applications and direct burial 
  • Working temps range from -104 F through 226 F 
  • Resistance against heat, water, ozone, fluids, oil, salt and general weathering
  • Standard black outer shell 
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